The Uber/Lyft Experience – from Behind the Wheel

Drivers have a unique perspective. Each driver is different snd each reason for driving is different.


Maryanne (not her real name) is from the Dominican Republic, drives for Uber for the flexibility. She has grandchildren she watches while her daughter goes to work.  Her daughter’s schedule changes periodically so she needs the ability to adapt to her daughter’s work day.   A job with a fixed schedule simply would make their life more difficult as it reduce the family’s total income. Being able to work outside the hours of family obligations fills their need.  She also noted that should she get the opportunity to visit her place of birth when she returns to the USA she wouldn’t have to worry about having a job.   She simply could get into her car and return to making money.   Maryanne’s husband also drives full time.  He worries greatly about her safety and checks in on her periodically.  I  went to show Marianne a video of rideshare violence committed against drivers, she said she had rather not see it or think about it. She did not want it to deter her from providing for her family despite the risk.   She has had a few questionable riders were she has felt unsafe, and has cancelled rides at such instances.  She recalled one such instance were a rider demanded she wait on him while he made a “stop”.  She prayed for her rider to calm down and find peace.  She has had other instances where she prayed for her safety.   I met Maryanne at the airport rideshare holding lot.

The rideshare lot fills up with drivers as there is an anticipation of profitable ride requests.

The rideshare holding lot provides drivers with a safer rider given the rider not only has a credit card,  but in being a traveller is all but assured to also be the owner of the card as well.  This isn’t to say airport riders are all good people though.




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