Job Search Misery – Your Resume’ and the Applicant/Application Tracking System


At some point in a person’s life you’ll more than likely be faced with the inevitable job search.   Employee placement has really changed over the years as a result of the internet.  Employers now receive thousands of applicants for a single position.  It is estimated that 75-95% of applications will never be seen by human eyes.  Being confronted with the task of selecting the best candidate enter the “ATS”, Applicant Tracking System.  Now employers subcontract a service that receives an applicant’s resume and scores it based on the criteria of the job description.  Here is how you address the issue if you know you are the one they should consider they following articles by Top Resume and Job Scan:

What Is an ATS? How to Write a Resume to Beat the Bots


In a nutshell do the following:

  • Use a common font (such as Ariel).
  • Make sure to save it in .doc or .rtf format.
  • Try to keep 1″ (2.54cm) margins all the way around – your resume is being scanned into a system, words outside this may be omitted.
  • Keep your resume to 1000 words or less (sometimes the less you say the better).
  • Use the job description as a guide to the key (industry buzz) words the ATS is screening for.
  • Use a service to score your resume before submitting to the prospective employer (JobScan gives you so many free scans).
  • Rinse and repeat with every job you apply for.
  • Stay positive and consistent, it is a daunting process and the goal is to get to a human being.  Consider a coaching service like First Source Team, they’ll help/guide you towards branding your talents.  They have a very helpful “free” website.

Sound like a lot of work … it is.


if if you are on LinkedIn here is a video by Christy Bonner:





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