30 DoT Day 8 – Winning Blog Prompt


The perception is that in winning you prove yourself in some way to the world at large.  You validate your talent, claim some superiority over an adversary, you show your mastery to your peers, you prove a point, you are right … in some way.  We want to win to attain the sensation of fulfillment, accomplishment, justification and sometimes vindication.  Winning feels great at the moment of victory, only to be over shadowed by the “what next”?  There are moments winning creates a illusion of success:

Maybe winning needs to be strictly individual.

I’d argue there’s sense of completion sometimes in not winning, a yet greater sense of accomplishment or validation in allowing an adversary win.  After all the glory of the win is short lived, they’ll soon be another challenger and a defeat; coveting the defeat, in proving a worthy adversary, is ever more lasting.  Maybe it’s more about attitude, passion, positive thinking and owning the outcome.  Maybe that is the real winner.  These ideas are explored in the article 14 Steps to Develop a Winning Attitude

So perhaps it isn’t about winning, but rather more about success.  We become what we think about.  Winning may be the short sighted view.  A man is more along the lines of what he thinks about, more so “you become what you think about“.




Write down specifically what you want on a card or something that you can reference every day and throughout the day.

Stop thinking about what it is you fear.  Act as though it is impossible to fail.

Do more than you have to do everyday.




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